22 Things I Learned at My Yoga Retreat


  1. I am a perfect golden egg, and so are you.
  2. Sometimes even the most devoted yogis just want a hamburger.
  3. Get a group of women together and the topic will inevitably turn to food.
  4. And men.
  5. Inside every kitty cat is a ferocious lion.
  6. When you affectionately call people “Bunny” or “Mama,” it warms their hearts.
  7. Sitting cross-legged and focusing on your breath for 30 minutes is harder than it sounds.
  8. Only one in three sisters will change her wet socks after stepping in water from a leaky toilet.
  9. Desires are good things.
  10. You don’t have to know someone’s name to love them.
  11. Just because you feel heavy and bloated does not mean you’re a Kapha. (You are not a Kapha, Bunny!)
  12. When a person gets under your skin, the best thing to do is silently thank her for helping you to grow.
  13. Ashwagandha, an herb commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine, may help with insomnia.
  14. A person’s clothes and makeup may be the first things you notice when meeting her, but they are the last things you think of when saying good-bye.
  15. Telling a room full of people your greatest desire is a wee bit scary.
  16. Kitcheree is delicious no matter how often you eat it.
  17. It’s never too late. It’s never too late.
  18. Oatmeal is transformed with cinnamon, dried fruit, and a dollop of ghee.
  19. Ask yourself this important question: what are the payoffs of not pursuing my dreams?
  20. When you dance long enough, you lose your inhibitions.
  21. The thoughts you had today are pretty much the same ones you had yesterday and the same ones you’ll have tomorrow—unless you shake things up.
  22. We have only a certain amount of prana (energy). Don’t waste it on Facebook or people who bring you down.

3 responses to “22 Things I Learned at My Yoga Retreat

  1. I’m going with #22. Applies to Pintrest, too, as that’s a great way to not get stuff done that you want to. Even though one of my quilts has been pinned more than 100 times and I’m quite proud of that.

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