Hand-to-Toe Pose in a Wisconsin Hotel


I will never post another photo of myself doing yoga, promise! Just want to illustrate what I’m up against in this small room (and, besides, I need a photo for this post).

Whenever possible, I travel with my yoga mat. I like stretching and moving my body, especially when cooped up in a car all day. So here we are in a hotel room in Beloit, Wisconsin: yoga mat, me, husband, and both daughters.

Last night before falling asleep, I imagined what the morning would be like. I’d unroll my mat at the foot of our beds and do sun salutations while everyone was still asleep. I would be quiet like a mouse, and I would hear my loved ones breathing softly as I did forward folds and warrior poses. I’ve never done yoga in a dark room full of sleeping people, and I thought it might be pretty cool.

There are a few problems with this scenario. First, it really was dark. Granted, there was that digital clock on the nightstand that’s been announcing the same time (11:17) in bright red since we got here yesterday. Other than that, there was not one bit of light. I didn’t anticipate the difficulty of finding my mat in the pitch black. Might as well have kept my eyes shut. But eventually I did find it—not without some very unmouse-like thuds and bangs. Next came peeling apart the velcro straps, which is actually much louder than you might think.

My younger daughter rose from bed, “What time is it, anyway?” she said. I told her it’s early, to go back to sleep. Other daughter then turned over. She was clearly awake too. And somewhere during the early morning hours, my husband had tiptoed out of the room to ride the hotel’s exercise bike. So I told younger daughter to get in the empty bed if she wants, away from her sister, and try to sleep.

With the mat successfully unrolled and lumpy objects removed from underneath, I tried a few sun salutations. My outstretched arms kept hitting walls. Girls tossed and turned in bed—a clear signal that I was keeping them awake. So now I’m sitting on the toilet seat, bright lights on and laptop in hand. Not what I’d envisioned. Gone is my blissful morning practice, replaced by toilet sitting and blog writing. But this is not a bad thing. I’m actually feeling very lucky right now with the girls sleeping quietly on the other side of the wall and my husband not far away. I’ll get my bliss where I can.

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